My Mother Sold Me

She was being forced into a marriage to a stranger. Her family gave her only two days’ warning. After returning from a trip, we met, and N cried and cried as she buried her head into my shoulder, wanting to get out of this life.

We were standing at the door of the mosque where she expressed that ‘her life is over’ and that she is ‘oppressed in bondage.’ If you knew this young woman, her strength and passion for life, the difference in her was crushing.

As she held onto me, through her tears, she repeated over and over how different I am than her Muslim friends and family. She doesn’t know why, but she feels safe with me and comforted when I am with her. We have talked of spiritual things, and I had laid out the gospel message and the freedom that only Christ can give. I shared with her that it wasn’t me that was comforting her, but the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me that she feels.

Later that week, she came to my home and told me that her husband’s family paid a dowry to her mother. Once she received the money, her mother left for her home island and wouldn’t take N’s calls. She sat on my porch and, in tears, told me that her mother sold her. She is a strange man’s property now and for the rest of her life.

While I sat across from her, I was wearing a new shirt my mom and dad had mailed me along with a card saying how much they love me. In this moment, I was overwhelmed with the blessings of the family God gave me.

N wants to buy her freedom back and continue to go to school so that she can have her own job and life. But, the reality of this looks bleak. She shared over and over that she wants the freedom I have, to feel the way I feel. We talk about Jesus, but she isn’t sure what she believes. When she talks to me, she feels hope. I care deeply about N and pray that her new husband will treat her well and that they will come to faith in Christ and be a light in the Muslim community.