Night Out

I was excited to take some of my Muslim friends out to eat and get them outside of Muslim Town. There is an oppression we feel when we are near the mosque that we literally shake off when we walk out of the gate. We have a sense of freedom when we leave the area.

 We couldn’t leave for our outing until my friends were finished work at 8 pm. We had a great time eating, laughing, shopping and walking along the waterfront. Time flew by, and they became concerned that I would be driving home in the early morning hours and be tired the next day. Their response was an answer to prayer, as my hope was that we could form genuine relationships.

 As we thank God for this opportunity, pray that there will be many more opportunities in the future! Pray that when we step out of the darkness of Muslim Town that they will see a difference in me and that the Holy Spirit will begin to soften their hearts. Pray that one day they will put their faith in Jesus.

 These nights are the reason I moved around the world. There are souls on the line, so a late-night is well worth it. There’s always coffee in the morning and friends from America to call on my way home.